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Screening Room: Legos, Liam, Bad Seeds and Taraji P.

A bunch of new theatrical and home entertainment releases this week. In theaters we have The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Cold Pursuit, What Men Want and Prodigy. We talk through the pros and cons of each, sing a little Everybody’s Awesome, then hit the lobby and home entertainment.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Screening Room: And the Winners Are…

2018 was a pretty outstanding year for film. We had smart blockbusters, gorgeous indies and envelope-pushing animation. New filmmaking voices made themselves heard and old favorites returned to form. In this week’s screening room, with help of former Drexel Theatre President Kevin Rouche, we count down the best in film from the year.


Listen to the full podcast HERE.

And check out a far more expansive written review of the best 30 films of the year HERE.