Outtakes: Young Filmmakers Debut New Project Saturday


When is a midnite movie not a midnite movie?

This Saturday at 11:30pm, when local aspiring filmmakers Gus Dieker and Max Wilson will debut their new feature at the Grandview Theatre (1247 Grandview Ave., 43212).

Entitled Bundeloafe II: ┬áThe Return of Jaffar, the “no budget” feature tells the story of an anatomically unique young man (Dieker) who is taken into outer space and told the survival of the universe hinges on his movie-making skills.

Dieker and Wilson will conduct a Q&A following the screening, and promise the evening will feature everything from giveaways to beautiful women and more.

Admission for the screening is, in the filmmakers words, “5 U.S. dollars.”

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