Outtakes: Best overlooked films of 2012

As the new year rolls in, no thanks to the Mayans, we wanted to remember all the great movies that went underseen in 2012 in the hopes that they might find a little love in their next life on DVD. Each of us picked a couple titles we think you might have missed. Do yourself a favor and seek them out now.

George’s pick: The Imposter. It’s hard to pick one, but The Imposter is a masterfully assembled documentary, with a story that takes so many unbelievable turns you will have to scrape your jaw off the floor.

Runners Up: 

Hope’s pick: Killer Joe. Wow, this was one wild, wrong-headed mess of a brilliant piece of filmmaking. Astonishing performances showcase a cast ready to do whatever is asked of them, and that is a lot. I will pass on that chicken dinner, thanks. 

Runners Up: 

So, keep an eye out and have a great 2013!

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