Snow and Ice for Your Queue

One of the best films of 2014 releases to DVD and BluRay today, and if you haven’t seen Snowpiercer, you should do so now. Well told, fast paced, and tense, the entire action flick is confined to the claustrophobic innards of a high speed train. It’s a post apocalyptic cautionary tale that boasts savvy writing and wry humor, plus a handful of stand out performances – none better than Tilda Swinton’s. Chris Evans anchors the film, though, proving again that he is more than a pretty face and a nice set of abs.

If you’re looking for another reason to believe in Chris Evans, try 2012’s The Iceman. The gritty biopic tells of mob killer Richard Kuklinski as portrayed by the always phenomenal Michael Shannon. Evans is almost unrecognizable as Kuklinski’s cohort in crime Mr. Freezy, and together the two actors create a strangely sympathetic yet cold image of crime’s underbelly and a criminal’s fractured world.

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