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Godspeed is the new thriller short from MaddWolf Productions, written and directed by Hope Madden.


Her son is on the other side of the country. So is his girlfriend. You can be supportive from 2000 miles away for only so long, and this mother has hit her breaking point.

How far can a mother be driven?

Behind the Scenes

Masks in place, we set out for Madison County, base camping next door to a tiny little cemetery and just this side of the woods we needed for the final scene. That particular stretch of woods is famous for a murder, but I didn’t share that intel with the crew or with Cat. Too bad the Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy, who came and checked on us around 1am, has to let that cat out of the bag.

Cat took this one, really capturing the creepy beauty of our rural locale.

Cat and I keep an appropriate social distance from DP Alberto Viglietta as we figure out a couple of things.

Alberto mounts the cameras. Pretty soon – once it’s good and dark – poor Cat will have to drive these backroads with a bank of lights in her face and two cameras catching her every move!