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For Your Queue: You’ll Feel Fine

Proof positive that the end of the world may be just the welcome change we need, This Is The End releases to DVD today.

Wouldn’t you know it? Just when there’s a rockin’ party at James Franco’s house, the darned apocalypse has to go and ruin everything!

And by “ruin everything,” I mean turn it into the funniest film of the year. Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and an ensemble of their famous friends all play themselves, lampooning each other and the folly of celebrity culture.

It’s crude, it’s wrong, it somehow manages to work in a positive message, and it’s damn funny.


Last year’s party apocalypse movie It’s a Disaster! is the obvious choice for a rapturous double bill. Writer/director Todd Berger sends us to a couples brunch with Tracy (Julia Stiles) and her new beau Glen (David Cross, who could not be better). Simultaneously, the world ends. The bitingly clever, surprisingly enjoyable comedy of manners boasts a spot-on ensemble and the best gallows humor of 2012.

Queue Takes its Comedy Like its Coffee: Black with a Disastrous Brunch

Writer/director Todd Berger’s pitch black comedy of manners It’s a Disaster launches to the online/DVD masses today. In an uncharacteristically empathetic lead turn, David Cross stars as good guy Glen, on a date with Tracy (Julia Stiles) to her BFFs’ monthly couples’ brunch. And then the world ends. The ensemble nails every character and makes the most of Berger’s warped sense of humor and keen sense of etiquette. Cross does not disappoint, taking us places we never expected.

If you find yourself in the mood for another top notch pitch black comedy, try out Serial Mom. Back in 1994, provocateur John Waters unleashed one of his most competent and polished efforts, which zeroed in on trouble in the ‘burbs. A never better Kathleen Turner portrays perfect mom Beverly Sutphin, a woman finally driven to repeated instances of homicide. We’ve all been there, Bev.