You’ll Hold a Grudge

Grudge Match by Hope Madden It’s a tough battle. The late-life Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro battle hard. They sweat! They flail! They struggle against the stiff competition – I mean, do you remember RIPD? What about After Earth or Grown Ups 2? But, at long last, De Niro and Stallone walk out of … Continue reading You’ll Hold a Grudge

I Can’t Go Out—Week of March 23

About half of this week’s new releases are hot off their truncated theatrical releases. The other half is the set of movies we’d already expected to come out this week. The result? A boon in home entertainment! (Well, some of these are pretty bad, but still – boon!) Click the title to link to the … Continue reading I Can’t Go Out—Week of March 23

Sister’s Grimm

Gretel & Hansel by Hope Madden It’s still early, but 2020 has not been great in terms of horror. First came Nicolas Pesce’s pointless reboot of The Grudge. Yikes. And I do not mean that in a good way. And then last week we had Floria Sigismondi’s boldly wrong-headed reimagining, The Turning. In keeping with … Continue reading Sister’s Grimm

Trying Not to Hold One

The Grudge by Hope Madden Any time a film is remade, you have to ask why. Not to be cynical, but because it’s a legitimate query. Is there a compelling reason to watch this new one? Nicolas Pesce hopes there’s reason to watch his retooling of The Grudge. The Grudge began in 2000 with Takashi … Continue reading Trying Not to Hold One

Fright Club: Best PG-13 Horror

Who wants to scare your kids? Because there is ample opportunity to do so without breaking any laws. Yes, year after year the cinemas are lousy with God-awful PG-13 horror (Rings, Ouija, Wish Upon, Bye Bye Man) aiming to cash in on the underaged market with jump scares and lazy writing. But, if you look … Continue reading Fright Club: Best PG-13 Horror

Third Time Lacks Charm

Insidious: Chapter 3 by Hope Madden Mid-budget, R-rated horror can land a surprising punch. Sinister, The Purge, Paranormal Activity and others benefitted from filmmakers’ dark imagination and the freedom to explore unsettling territory. Similarly budgeted PG-13 horror is more of a mixed bag. The younger target audience frees filmmakers up to steal from older films, … Continue reading Third Time Lacks Charm

Asia Extreme! Ju-on

Ju-on (2002) by Hope Madden Before cashing in on Hollywood’s J-horror remake madness, Japanese writer/director Takashi Shimizu captured his own nation’s imagination with this low-budget tale of one tough to rent house. Its previous tenants don’t just scare you away, they follow you home. Ghosts never die, you see, but apparently interlopers do. Just visiting … Continue reading Asia Extreme! Ju-on

It’s Asia – to the Extreme!

It’s coming!! What’s coming? The coolest thing ever – a film festival Hope got to help program. And it is too nutty! Asia Extreme opens at the Gateway Film Center next Thursday, August 8 and runs through the following Tuesday (8/13). Expect showers of blood, technology ghosts, regular ghosts, ass kicking, face kicking, face sliting, … Continue reading It’s Asia – to the Extreme!